everyone starts somewhere!

26th June 2012

clearly, the part of my brain that thinks about blogging is a very slow and inefficient queue. the main reason why i dusted off this blog was because this fancy article about our dev team was published today on the internet: http://www.wired.com/business/2012/06/khan-academy/

i agree with the article that it is rare to work with such a talented collection of minds. what i find to be more wonderful and surprising, though, is how plain _nice_, helpful, and respectful everyone is. my coworkers (esteemed colleagues? board game enemies?) are very excited about what they do, and they love to share whatever they know with whoever asks. the college-me would have been too intimidated to ask and too embarrassed to reveal what i didn’t know.

fortunately, i’ve overcome these remnant fears of asking novice questions, and i’ve started being able to provide insight as new folks roll into the ka family. i’ve learned to appreciate uber transparency so that we may all learn from each other, asking questions, and exploring elegant or curious hacks together. learning *is* fun! it would only make sense that we learn a thing or two ourselves as we try to help the world learn.

as someone who started at ka with a humbler past, i feel like i’m experiencing a prolonged crash course (oxymoron, anyone?) on how to build a product/team. it’s too late to be google’s #1, but i’m more than happy being ka’s marcia lee. :)

everyone starts somewhere!
and anyone can go nowhere.

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