one year at ka, 3 months ago

25th June 2012

i had the ambitious idea to write an introspective one-year-at-ka post, with observations from each period in the team’s growth from 6 to 30+ pensive people. i started, stopped, started again, and stopped again, and so many weeks later, i’ve decided to give up and hit publish. the post that you are reading now represents the shadow of a greater post that was written in the alternate universe where i blog as much as i tell myself i will.

thinking back to the period from when i first started to a couple months in to the new job (one year ago from today, plus or minus exactly one blue moon):
– i hadn’t seen the rest of the dev team (ben+jason) In Real Life yet, since they were still in ny. what chumps! how were we even functional?
– we liked to eat lunch around a rooftop picnic table. with summer, the weather got hotter, and the team got bigger with a few full-timers and a slew of interns. we strategically crowded together in the shade of a not-large-enough-outdoor-umbrella.
– sal (and by extension ka) was slightly less well-known, pre TED, 60min, nyt, wired (2x?), business week, commencement speeches, etc.

today, we find ourselves with a larger slew of interns (15? 16? more?), and about that many full-timers on the dev team. we’ve coalesced into garrulous gaggles, each complete with their own trello board, docs of rambling notes, and spreadsheets with magical numbers. we still have a healthy aversion to “process”, but our company and our dev team have reached the point where we need to, you know, coordinate. :)

there are exciting times ahead as we, like any teenager, figure out our identity. a world-class education for anyone anywhere sure sounds great! but what form does that take, and what are the steps we can and should take to get there?

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