ka: from cool library to cool tutor

22nd August 2013

just last week, we launched a brand new learning dashboard on khan academy, and it illustrates a cool shift in the role khan academy can play in a learner’s journey.

prior to the learning dashboard, khan academy was like a very cool library. with 4000+ videos and 400+ exercises organized in some fashion, the burden was on the user to find the right content to consume. the user must be self aware and know 1) what topic she wants to learn, and perhaps more challenging, 2) what topic she is ready to learn. we had a few mechanics that made the experience less-library-esque, but they weren’t baked into the core experience.

:: enter, the learning dashboard ::

the learning dashboard was designed and built with the “cool tutor” idea in mind. we try to understand what you understand, and then we suggest the exercises that will be the most helpful.  we aim to suggest things that are *just right*. not too hard as to be impossible, but not so easy that it’s pointless. the more you do these exercises, the more we learn about your learning. a virtuous cycle!

if you happen to have a coach on khan academy, she can step into that cool tutor role and recommend exercises to you too! and if you don’t like any of the suggestions, and you wish you could just get lost in the metaphorical bookshelves of khan academy… you can still do that too. :)

more improvements, soon!

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