why i joined khan academy

18th September 2013

these were the things i looked for when i was naively job-searching 2.5 years ago:

  • mission oriented
    • i wanted to work on something that “mattered”, something that was directly doing good. i always had an idealistic streak, and i think it’s crazy that so many of us (particularly in tech and in the bay area) live in such fortune without thinking beyond our own existence. <insert caveat about how many products do tons of good unintentionally or indirectly>
  • team size of < 15
    • i wanted to be part of a team full of cohesion and trust, where the only focus was building the product. big teams can fulfill these criteria, but it’s all too easy to get sidetracked with politics, unnecessary process, and asking for permission. small teams cultivate seamless cooperation more easily, plus there’s more ownership per person!
  • young product
    • just like people, products are more malleable when they’re young. i wanted to explore (with aforementioned mission-oriented small team) all the possibilities of growing the product. i wanted to see the product take its first baby steps, to make its first stumbles, and even to go through its angsty teenage phase.
  • mentorship
    • i wanted to help the world out, and selfishly, i wanted to help myself out too. i wanted to become a better software engineer, better person, better _________. it was important that i would be able to learn from my team, and hopefully that would go both ways.

and the rest is history! suffice to say, i’m lucky + glad that i matched ka’s criteria too.

p.s. maybe you’ll find what you’re looking for at khanacademy.org/careers ?

p.p.s. i might have just scooped part of a podcast that will be released. in some form. by jason and me. shhhh!

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