Dashboard: six months later

20th February 2014

Happy half-birthday to you, little dashboard! Since then, the core idea has remained the same (a good sign!), which lets us iterate and refine (also good!).

Six months ago: original-dashboard


Can you spot the differences?

Originally, we launched the dashboard with one mission: “The World of Math.” In December, we introduced more missions, and you can see that I’m focusing on 6th grade right now.

Here are the missions we have so far:


Since launch, we’ve also refined the dashboard’s appearance. We grouped logical components together – like the mastery challenge with the user’s list of upcoming practice tasks. We organized the mission progress by topic, so users can better see and understand the context of their progress. We’ve iterated on color and layout, and all of this combines to make the dashboard feel cleaner and better.

As you explore the dashboard, you might notice a few new, possibly experimental, features. You might see a video in the dashboard (which typically only had exercises). You can decline tasks that you’re not interested in. When you master a mission, you’re greeted with a celebration of your achievements.


And that’s not all! There are experiments for how you’re first introduced to the dashboard, and under the hood, we’re tweaking how we suggest exercises to users (which exercises to suggest and when to suggest them). The list of iterations we’ve made and will make go on and on.

With most (if not all) of these changes, we listen to our users’ reactions. Quantitatively, we measure the impact on their retention and engagement through a/b testing. Do they come back more often? Do they practice more? Are they getting more problems correct/incorrect? Qualitatively, we listen to all the different ways they can communicate their delight or distaste. Is there a huge uptick in bug reports because they hate the new layout?

Can’t wait to see how the dashboard grows in the next six months – by then it’ll be a toddler.

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  1. Brit Cruise says:

    Cool, thanks for sharing! Please continue posting updates so we can follow along :-)

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