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24th October 2014

During our weekly company updates, we read out testimonials from students, teachers, and parents, and I’m reminded of our work’s impact. Even so, there’s a distance between them and me (literally!).

That distance shrunk to 0 at the Grace Hopper Celebration career fair a couple weeks ago, where Pamela, Kayla, May-Li, and I represented KA. We met over 800 of the 8000 GHC attendees over the course of three days, and so many of them came up simply to say:

I love what you’re doing. Keep it up!

I didn’t understand my professor, and then I found Khan Academy.

You helped me pass Calculus

I’m not looking for a job yet, I just wanted to come by and say thank you.

Coming up on four years at KA, I’m somehow still surprised when I meet someone in real life who learned something with KA. It’s nice!

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